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Published paper in Somaesthetics Journal

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Happy to announce that my first paper from the INTIMAL project “Conceptual Design for INTIMAL: A Physical/Virtual Embodied System for Relational Listening” has been published today in the Journal of Somaesthetics, in the issue dedicated to “Somaesthetics and Technology”.


This paper describes the preliminary design of INTIMAL: a physical-virtual embodied interactive system for relational listening in the context of human migration, within the artistic practice of improvisatory telematic sonic performance. Informed by the Deep Listening experiences of nine Colombian migrant women in Europe, INTIMAL departs from their sensorial experience in dreams, virtual and physical spaces, for a holistic understanding of the body as interface that keeps memory of place. In counterpart with an oral archive of other women’s testimonies from the Colombian civil war, body movements, voice and spoken words act as resonances opening paths for healing experiences of loss.

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