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Tuning in to sense place and (tele)presence

An embodied interface from INTIMAL: Interfaces for Relational Listening, rooted in migration. Visit

Documentary video of the INTIMAL App© 2021, incorporating voices of Colombian migrant women to be heard by other women. Original Idea and Artistic Direction: Dr. Ximena Alarcón-Díaz. Programmer: Kieran Harte. 2021-2022.

INTIMAL is an immersive walkabout telematic listening environment that brings together a group of people in an experience of tuning in with themselves, the environment and others.

I compose listening experiences with the INTIMAL App for specific environments and contexts, and incorporate sounds from the environment, pre-recorded sound, and participants' spontaneous voice.

If you are interested in commissioning my work to experience the INTIMAL App with a group, please contact me at: info[at] 

Funding and Commissions


The Studio Recovery Fund, Bath Spa University 2021.

I have composed and offered listening experiences with the INTIMAL App© collaborating with other artists and venues:


'Tuning in with Addis Ababa' at Arnolfini Gallery 2024 (Bristol);

'Wording Land' with the musicians Gloria Damjian and Jane Wang at NowNet Arts Conference 2023;

'Tuning in with Silence' at the STRP Festival 2023 - Scenario 22 (Eindhoven);

'Dreaming while awake' at 

Soundings: Assemblies of Listenings and Voices across the Souths (ADK Berlin, August 2022); 

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín - MAMM (July, 2022);

Migration Matters Festival with the Intimal Collective (Sheffield, June 2022);

GEXLAT with Intimal Collective (April 2022);

Earth Day Telematic Festival (April 2022);

Sensing: The Knowledge of Sensitive Media Research Group - The Brandenburg Centre for Media Studies (ZeM) (June, 2021);

Project UNLOCK, awarded by The Studio Recovery Fund, Bath Spa University 2021.

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