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Deep Listening® Workshops



Becoming Rocks. Deep Listening Immersion, Scottish Sculpture Workshop. Lumsden, Scottland, 2014

Deep Listening® workshops
One to three hours sessions
One to three days (Immersion)

Customised to your community

Information and Bookings

Please send me a message with your questions and needs.

Deep Listening® is a creative practice developed by the pioneering composer Pauline Oliveros, informed by expanding the range of audible forms beyond ordinary sound perceptions in daily life. The practice of Deep Listening is intended to heighten awareness of sound, silence and sounding.


Deep Listening® includes IONE’s Listening in Dreams, and Heloise Gold’s Deep Listening body experience.

I have been studying the practice since 2008, and in 2012 became a Deep Listening® Certificate facilitator. I am based in Bath, UK. I have offered Deep Listening meditations and taught the practice at Sound Art, Technology and Music Festivals, Museums, and Universities, across the world, bringing together cross-arts and interdisciplinary communities, to experience and reflect on their listenings, soundings and silences, within their communities of practice. 

In the workshops, I can incorporate my own scores exploring sonic migrations through improvisation: listening to languages and how we embody these, and telematic technologies in rituals for tuning in collectively sensing place and presence, using the INTIMAL App©.

I have taught in the following organisations in countries such as the UK, Brazil, Colombia, India, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Norway, the US, and the Netherlands:

2023: Arnolfini Gallery (Bristol). Feminist Reading Duration Group, Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art (London). KARST Gallery - Radical Ecology group - Open Night (Plymouth). Bétonsalon – centre d'art et de recherche (Paris); Centre d'arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona); The Plank, facilitated by Eastern Ear (Norwich); Radical Ecology (Dartington); Courtauld Institute of Art - Feminist Library (London); STRP Festival 2023 (Eindhoven); The Story Society (BSU); Musicology Forum (BSU)

2022: Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellin (Colombia)

2021: MOCA Museum of Cleveland, Birmingham Metropolitan University,  Auraldiversities (Sussex University)

2020: Festival de Cine Bilbao, La Casa Encendida, Escuela de Oficios Electrosonoros, Serpentine Gallery;

2019: ULTIMA Festival Oslo;

2017: Frontiers In Retreat: Edge Effects programme at CCA, Glasgow (Scottish Sculpture Workshop); Festival En Tiempo Real, Sensolab U Javeriana (Bogotá), MAMM (Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín (Medellin), Sound Acts Amoqa (Athens), Affective Listening in Errant Sound (Berlin);

2016: Points of Listening, CRiSAP London;

2015: Breakdown Breakdown (London, Lumsden - Scotland); Performance Network (UAL)

2014: Scottish Sculpture Workshop (Lumsdem, Scotland); Coventry University.

2013: Hangar (Barcelona).

Currently, I am a Senior Tutor at the Center for Deep Listening online certification program, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY.

On a dedicated blog, I include the projects that I have led, and other collaborations that have emerged:

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