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Recent Activities

I am a sound artist-researcher with a PhD in Music, Technology and Innovation, and awardee of prestigious postdoctoral research and art awards. I am also a certified Deep Listening® tutor. 


I have 20+ years of experience exploring alternative forms of sensing place and telepresence, to listen to the sound space that we experience when we migrate: our sonic migrations.

I create interfaces for relational listening, telematic sonic performances, sound installations, compose text scores and audio pieces, and deliver Deep Listening workshops for groups of people to immerse in those sonic migratory spaces. (See Portfolio)


I am currently touring internationally Unravelling/Desenredando a surround sound installation with voices of Colombian migrant women, and creating group immersive listening experiences with the INTIMAL App©.

I trust the healing that improvising and sounding with others between distant locations can bring to feelings of geographical and cultural loss.

I work independently, and offer a range of mentoring, consultancy, artistic and research activities with different fees.

I am based in the UK and I can provide a free 30-minute consultation which will be followed up with a bespoke cost relating to your needs.

Please email me at: info[at]

with the description of your request. 

Book time with me here

If you need a different time option to meet, please suggest it in your request.

Thank you for your interest in my work! Ximena

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