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It was a privilege to be part of ULTIMA Contemporary Music Festival, which took place in Oslo, dedicated to Migration. On September 14th, 2018, I offered a workshop called “Listening to Migration” combining Deep Listening practice with insights from INTIMAL project. Thirteen people from all over the world attended to share listening meditations, and relationships with the dream space and time, reflecting on how these could become keys to open new paths for negotiating with in-between interstitial spaces that derive from their migrations. They also played with one of my scores called “Chhidiommatikflui”,  which invites to utter repeatedly a word in any language that produce pleasure, and to notice how their body moves with those utterances. Through slow walking they brought to their consciousness their most unique sound and took home invitations to listen, together with the trust that listening brings.

I am very grateful to ULTIMA and to the participants for being part of this workshop!

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