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In Festival En Tiempo Real – PlayList

A fragment of the INTIMAL Long Distance Improvisation (Improvisatory Performance through Internet) is featured as part of the playlist created by WoNoMute (Women Norway Music and Technology Network), together with other 10 artists from the Network. The list was curated by Anna Xambó, Karolina Jawad and Ana Maria Romano, as part of the celebrations of the 10 years of Festival En Tiempo Real. Great to be part of it!

Enjoy listening, via this link:

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This is good to know that now the pet carriers will also get the opportunity of travelling to the other countries via airplanes. The pet carriers have to take to the way of making the birds placed in the airplanes.


Unknown member
Mar 08, 2021

Stage 2 is almost started and now I am getting the update for this race which is pretty exciting. I am sure the next stage is going to at&t bundles get more exciting when the players are going to move on.

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