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SENTIENT, Dec 2020

"It completely exceeded the expectations! I was curious to see how the theme could be experienced over zoom, but Ximena found ways to use the medium to have more connectedness than if we were in the same room. It became a landmark to bond with people, myself, and sound in these times of isolation, and I am already missing it!" (Sentient participant 2020)

I felt honoured to lead SENTIENT sessions with 10 people from all over the world between Nov. 26 and Dec 15. 2020, as part of the Listening Channel program: expanding sense of place and sense of presence, and making unexpected connections, that lead us to the next step to take.

SENTIENT is a series of six workshops invites listeners to connect with physical locations and in-between virtual locations, expanding their sense of place and their sense of presence while making relations with memories and all living beings.

Informed by Deep Listening® practice, as well as by migratory listening relational art-research practice, the workshops will involve individual and collective exercises for listening to physical locations, listening to virtual spaces, in tandem with dreams, through the embodied experiences of breathing and walking in and in-between all these spaces.

"I was really curious and open about the content and the way the workshop was going to be hold and I`m very grateful about the way Ximena shared her knowledge and experience with us." (Sentient participant 2020)

I am looking forward to the next SENTIENT series in 2021!

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