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Paper in NowNet Arts Conference 4-7 Nov, 2021

I presented at the NowNet Arts Conference, Transformation of Distance, which interrogated distance understood “as geographic distance and broader concepts such as physical, emotional, societal, environmental, and dimensional distance”. I presented the artistic process and the results of people experiencing the INTIMAL App in Bath, in the form of a paper called “Sonic Proximity: locating oneself and the others within “a migratory journey”. I also had the joy to improvise with NowNet Ensemble, and to improvise music telematically with the new Raspberry Pi Ensemble, together with Gloria Damijan and Jane Wang!

NowNet Arts proposes:

“What is distance? How is distance transformed in the field? How can the field address distance through diversity, equity, access, and inclusion? How can the geographic nature of network arts transform environmental relationships? Is there distance in loss on individual and collective scales that can be transformed? How can we develop artistic and technological components of these transformations in our field?”

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