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Deep Listening in Arnolfini, Bristol Oct 28, 2023

It was an honour to have a full Deep Listening day at Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol. Curated by Phil Owen, and organised by Dan Johnson, the day started with a Deep Listening workshop which we co-led with Dan with the attendance of 20 participants embracing the full theatre to listen and sound, and followed by a performance with Dan Johnson (percussion) and Tina Hitchens (flute), and myself, Ximena Alarcón (voice), interpreting four pieces by Pauline Oliveros: 'Horse Sings from Cloud', 'Fluting Moment', 'Rolling Mediation', and 'Pauline's Solo'. The latter dedicating our music to a world without war. Then, we watched the Film "Deep Listening: the Story of Pauline Oliveros" directed by Daniel Weintraub, which brought audiences the context in which the practice was developed. Thanks for this amazing moving opportunity to all.

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