I am a sound artist and Deep Listening® certified tutor, with a PhD in Music Technology and Innovation, and 13 years of postdoctoral creative research experience listening to our migrations: through voice, language, body movement, underground transport systems, dreams and networking technologies.

I trust the healing that improvising and sounding with others between distant locations can bring to feelings of geographical and cultural loss, as we interconnect sensing place and feeling presence.

My services:

Composition and direction of telematic sonic performances to explore your personal interface to sound and connect with others.

Design of "embodied" Interfaces for Relational Listening (INTIMAL) to amplify

our sense of place and sense of presence, and make complex narratives interacting with others (who are close and in distant locations).

Online Courses on Contemporary Network Arts, for artists and technologists to learn audiovisual techniques for live performance via the internet. A collaboration with NowNet Arts. Summer 2021 ( June 21 - July 31 )

Conduct SENTIENT workshops, using Deep Listening® and telematic sonic improvisation, for groups to explore sense of place and presence.

Lead the INTIMAL Collective offering workshops for women who wish to listen to their migrations, and stimulate the creation of listening collectives derived from this process.

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