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I am a sound and listening artist researcher with 13 years of postdoctoral creative research experience listening to our sonic migrations: through voice, language, body, dreams and networking technologies.

I trust the healing that improvising and sounding with others between distant locations can bring to feelings of geographical and cultural loss.

What am I doing

I improvise and create telematic sonic performances to amplify our

sense of place and sense of presence. 

I develop Interfaces for Relational Listening (INTIMAL), and currently work on the INTIMAL App©.

I teach online and in-person Deep Listening® and Migratory Listening, in workshops exploring sense of place and presence via telematics.

I support the INTIMAL Collective for women who wish to listen to their migrations through dreams and telematics. 

I write and publish articles with my ideas and findings. 

Contact: info[at]ximenaalarcon.net

Contact: info[at]ximenaalarcon.net

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