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Telepathic-Telematic Ritual at Cafe OTO

I had the amazing opportunity to compose "What is happening now?" a telepathic telematic ritual celebrating the 50th anniversary of Pauline Oliveros's seminal publication "Sonic Migrations". I invited musicians improvisers Gloria Damjian (Vienna, Austria), Jane Wang (Boston, MA, US), Viv Corringham (NY, US), to transmit what is happening now in their sensations and feelings to listeners at Cafe OTO. Listeners, in turn, will let a word appear in their mind-ears, and perform the score "One Word" by Oliveros, voicing it back to musicians and fellow listeners. Thus, creating a sonic in-betweeness, or interface to meet in the now. Thanks to the musicians, the listeners at Cafe OTO, Mike O'Connor in the Telematic production, and James Dunn, who supported electroacoustic technology at Cafe OTO. Thanks to Ed McKeon, for organising such a wonderful event!

Read more about the event here

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