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Sonic Migrations Rituals at Montez Radio - performingbordersLIVE

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Honoured to be the guest by performingborders of their first radio programme at Montez Radio! On this program listeners were able to experience the three rituals in Sonic Migrations which I composed thanks to a commission by performingborders.

performingborders is a unique curatorial research-platform that explores the relations between Live Art and notions and lived experiences of intersectional and transnational borders.

"performingborders is a collectively run platform for artistic research and creation, focused on notions and lived experiences of intersectional borders through international live art and performance practices. Drawing from the knowledge shared by the contributors of the platform, performingborders has over the years created a digital and live tapestry of interconnected, transnational experiments through interviews, artist commissions, open calls, publications, residencies, workshops, conversations, public gatherings. working with a definition of border that is open and acknowledges the diversity of experiences at the intersections of cultural, juridical, racial, gendered, class, physical, economic, and everyday borders."

Thanks again to performingborders!

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