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SLOMOCO Microresidency, Nov 5 – Dec 10, 2021

Really happy to be part of an amazing Microresidency opportunity at SLOMOCO, from the Movement and Computing Conference. My understanding of abstract ideas into data and movement, and a critical reflexion on each “step”, offered me clarity to continue in developments, applications and questionings with the INTIMAL App. Thanks for the Cohort conversations, and the provocations. Really delighted with the process and the listening in this community. Slowing down. From SloMoCo:

“SloMoCo asks: how can we co-design and develop research and practice events that treat virtual and telematic engagement as a feature and not a bug? What does this third space look like? With its penchant for observing and prototyping embodied experience, technical know-how, know-what, know-when, we believe the MOCO community is uniquely situated to respond playfully to this speculative invitation. For the last seven years, MOCO has convened research-practitioners with diverse metier in dance, somatic practice, theory, education and learning science, HCI, engineering, design, and neuroscience to share insights, findings, and provocations at the intersection of movement and computing. The community seems to return to a generative tension and complexity between the moving body as experienced and as represented. With SloMoCo, we return once more with a difference to ask how these insights can inform the presentation and performance of our work in this experimental setting. How can this attention to representation and abstraction of movement play a role in telematic, collaborative, and relational artistic practice? How can attunement to embodiment and facility with real-time movement analysis generate new modes of engagement? Through a series of events, opportunities, and endpoints, this reformatted conference/series will provide season, solstice, celebration, and structure as we head forward in order to produce a collective sense of time and a collective sense of possibility.”

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