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Workshops & Consultancies


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Consultancies and Guest Lecturer



Deep Listening® Sessions
One to three hours sessions
One to three days (Immersion)

SENTIENT (Deep Listening® and Telematic Sonic Performance) exploring sense of place and sense of presence

INTIMAL Sessions: Listening to migrations
Listening, Dreaming, Sounding and Healing.

For migrant women - telematic sonic improvisation.


Derived from my work as a researcher and artist  I offer Deep Listening® workshops, in search for place and presence.

Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening® embodied practice has invited people from all over the world to follow the continuum of sound as it travels across time and space, and expand our consciousness of sound 24 hours a day.


Deep Listening® includes IONE’s dream work, and Heloise Gold’s Deep Listening body experience.


Since 2009, my art-research has been inspired from this practice and has explored during nine years the in-between sonic spaces that are experienced by migrants, and how these are manifested in dreams and listened to via telematic sonic improvisatory performances.


Since 2012 I am Deep Listening® certified facilitator and currently I am a Senior Tutor at the Center for Deep Listening online certification program, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY. 

On a dedicated blog, I include the projects that I have led, and other collaborations that have emerged. I am open for facilitating further explorations in Deep Listening by individuals and groups in different contexts.

This is a dedicated blog for these workshops:

INTIMAL: Migrant Women Listening Territory

I lead the listening and sonic improvisation virtual territory: INTIMAL, integrated by Colombian and  Latin American migrant women listening to their migrations through dreams, for individual and collective healing.​

Lidero el territorio virtual de escucha e improvisación sonora INTIMAL integrado por mujeres migrantes colombianas y latinoamericanas que escuchan sus migraciones a través de sueños, para la sanación individual y colectiva.

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