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A surround sound installation with voices of nine Colombian women resonating with each others' migratory journeys.

Una instalación sonora con voces de nueve mujeres Colombianas escuchando y resonando sus viajes migratorios.

Arnolfini, Bristol, March 2 - 3, 2024


Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Bogotá-Manizales, Mayo 6 - 12, 2024


SARC, Belfast, September, 2024


Online Public Seminar, October, 2024


By Ximena Alarcón-Díaz & Ulf A.S. Holbrook

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Unravelling / Desenredando

Immersive listening to Colombian women’s voices


Unravelling / Desenredando is a surround-sound bilingual installation (Spanish and English) featuring the voices of nine Colombian women from varied backgrounds, listening to and resonating with each others’ stories of their migratory journeys to Europe. Improvising in trios, they weave a multilayered sonic memory of intense and intimate listening, while sounding their experiences of how migration and conflict are heard through their bodies: their social spaces of interaction, the memory of conflict in their native land, and the challenges met in the countries where they now live. 


The installation invites audiences to be immersed in these women’s individual experiences and find resonances in the overlaps and synchronicities, as they might also meet across universal narratives between gender, conflict and migration.


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