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Academic Teaching

I have taught Creative Technologies, Sound Art, Telematic Sonic Performance, Research Methods, and Deep Listening, in De Montfort University, University of the Arts London, Coventry University (UK), University of Oslo (Norway), Shristi Institute of Art, Technology and Design (India), and Universidad Externado de Colombia (Colombia).

I have involved students in my creative research practice, and have developed their own telematic performances: in Shrishti Interim (Bangalore, India), they developed Slowing Down (2015) and REM (2016). 

Deep Listening Workshops

As a practice, I have offered Deep Listening® and Listening to Migrations workshops, with and without technologies, supporting multiple environmental, artistic, and community projects in the UK (Breakdown Breakdown), India (Shristi Interim), Germany, Spain, Brazil (Areias da Cultura-Belo Horizonte), Colombia (Deep Listening in the postconflict), and Norway (Ultima Festival). For further information, follow the link.

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